Tilting Toward the Solstice

December, my friend, thank you for your long, dark nights. The way the stars twinkle in the black sky. Silence. How snowflakes glisten when light hits them. The crunch of hard-packed snow beneath my boots. An owl’s early-morning hoot. Crows gathered in trees, their chorus drowning out everything else. My breath made visible as I exhale.

December, your gifts go beyond beribboned packages and boisterous holiday parties. Your cold arms nudge me indoors to hibernate. Your special offering of sustenance is rest. You know best. Just look at the way the garden slumbers beneath its white blanket.

And so I welcome the Solstice. The opportunity for rejuvenation. Moments of awe over pretty lights in dark nights, both man-made and natural. The quiet space that feels safe. The place from which I’ll emerge with new energy for a new year. 

Look for miracles. They’re everywhere.

Happy Solstice.

all photos by kcmickelson 2022

Published by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson

Kathleen Cassen Mickelson is a Minnesota-based writer who has published work in journals in the US, UK, and Canada.

9 thoughts on “Tilting Toward the Solstice

  1. I agree that the trees are simply stunning today. I keep thinking I ought to get outside with my camera also. But not while it’s still snowing. I’m sorry your new camera has a very steep learning curve. That must be frustrating. Change is hard, especially when you have to learn on your own. I learn better if someone sits next to me and shows me and explains and then allows me to try. Good luck.

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      1. Ah, yes. I’ve resorted to online info also. And I also contacted National Camera to send me a manual, which was not given to me when I bought the camera. I got one within a day, found in their stash. Now that’s GREAT customer service. One thing I really love about my “new” camera is the automatic sensor cleaning each time I turn it on and off. Wow, what a difference that makes.

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    1. Thank you, Audrey. I was feeling particularly contemplative and poetic this week! And today, with the storm moving through our area, the trees are just stunning. I’ll be out with my camera later. BTW, said camera has a very steep learning curve!


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