Selections from One Minnesota Writer

I ran One Minnesota Writer from 2010 until the end of 2021. One Minnesota Writer was my way of dipping my toes into the vast ocean of bloggers, finding discipline in weekly posts, and shaking up my own creative process.

It’s a little tough to let go of all those old posts, but doing so reminds me that there is always something else to writer about, something else to consider, and something else to learn. That said, I selected a dozen that seemed to be popular with my readers and grouped them here. Click on the titles below to read the individual posts.

Quiet Surprises – November 10, 2021

All Saints, All Souls, Old Dogs – November 3, 2021

A Pile of Sleeping Bees – June 16, 2021

Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. – April 21, 2021

Tuesday Morning Yoga Class – March 24, 2021

Wind, March, Minnesota – March 3, 2021

On Inauguration Day 2021 – January 20, 2021

While the Wind Rises – August 19, 2020

July Houseguests – July 8, 2020

Peace Hasn’t Had a Chance – June 3, 2020

The Writing Life: Zen Practice, Full Journals – May 13, 2020

Guitar Lessons, Humility, and Daily Practice – November 14, 2018